Social Responsibility

COMPANY, CUSTOMERS and SOCIETY are the three prime concerns of City Group’s activities. 

In order to care for the consumers, City Group is always engaged in a variety of corporate activities in the country. Serving the country for more than four decades and being proactive in social arena to improve the quality of life around us.

It's about corporate responsibilities through positive contributions to environmental quality and to the communities in which we live and operate our businesses. We believe in the society around us and in the power of all. 

Few examples of City Group’s charity work include providing financial support for needy students to continue his/her education in Dhaka University and medical support to those who needed it most.

If you believe City Group can help you as a corporate entity please do let us know. We will certainly incorporate any social suggestion you have for us or how we may be able to take part in the social development.

Please write to us at: or